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New casting die design approved to be effective
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New casting die design

We are pleased to announce the new design of casting dies for oxygen-free copper wire rod upcasting implemented recently has been successfully confirmed to be a reliable solution among our customers world-wide. While ensuring better thermal conductivity which increases the mechanical properties of the rod the new design also enables our customers to increase the casting speed significantly. Choosing the new design dies the production capacity improvements upto 30% per strand are usually reachable.

Please feel free to learn more about the new design dies for your Upward continuous casting and new opportunities it brings to You.

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Welcome to the Graphite Concept Products Company web site
Sunday, 06 March 2005

For more than 30 years we supply our graphite materials, semis and precise products for metallurgy and foundry industries. Expanding our business year by year for the moment we have achieved more then 20,000 MT production output per year at several factories situated in China mainland and Eastern Europe with export activity in more then 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas continents. Based on our own raw material source we propose most economically viable solutions which include:

·    arc and blast furnaces for steel melting (carbon and graphitized electrodes, preshaped refractory parts for furnaces linings)
·    coreless induction furnaces and foundry inventory (crucibles, pouring spouts, preshaped refractory parts and tools made of carbon, impregnated graphite or graphitized material)
·    full range of carbon and graphitized products for aluminium electrolysis cells
·    variety of carbon and graphite based products for silicon metal production
·   copper wire rod continuous casting plants equipped with Outokumpu Upcast, Rautomead upward and customized processes (graphite dies, cristallizers, protective sleeves, cups, cooling inserts made of high density isostatically pressed graphite and clay bonded graphite grades)
·    DIP Forming plants
·    vertical/horizontal continuous and semicontinuous casting processes for billets, slabs, bars production
·    customized products as per special customer's demand in foundry and metallurgy and other industries
·    carbon, impregnated graphite and fine grain high purity graphite grades in sundry shapes for machinery applications

Now we will be more then happy to extend our reference list and comply with Your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with Your inquiry for the graphite products as per Your special need. We guaratee the prompt quotation reply with most preferable price based on our own raw material source and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Tell us Your current price and we will quote you the better one at once!

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