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For most demanding non-ferrous continuous casting applications we propose our best products obtained from isostatically pressed preshaped materials with versatile finishing. Such approach gives us necessary manufacturing flexibility and uniformity of product’s mechanical and thermal properties which are of paramount importance for continuous casting applications. High density graphite additionally means more wear resistance performance comparatively to common graphite grades used in machinery.
Our typical properties values (in metric units) are as follows:
Density, g/cm3: 1.90
Shore Hardness: 50
Electric Strength, Ωmm²/m: 9.5
Compressive Strength, MPa: 42
Flexural Strength, MPa: 86
Average Pore Size, mm: 2.4
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, 10-4 m/K: 4.4
Ash content, %: 0.1
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